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The clipper Iselmar was built in the golden sailing years of the last century for Schipper van der Meer from Lemmer (built in 1902) under the name Onderneming at shipyard H & D the Good in Zwartsluis, and at that time it was already a large and luxurious ship !

It is built for sea and coastal waters, we can deduce this from its construction method, beautiful sheer and the large width and length; because it is too wide for the “Frisian size” and could not sail through all the small locks and bridges in the interior …

Yet an engine

The ship used to be able to carry 315-330 tons of cargo in its large cargo hold, which was covered with wooden shutters and rugs. There was no engine on board in 1902, so the cargo was even dumped under the floor. We have come across traces of this during the restoration!
In those first years under sail, skipper van der Meer with his family and servants chartered and sailed the ship over the northern coastal waters, all without a motor!
In the 1930s, the Serné family operated the ship as a towing ship on the Rhine and built the first engine in the 1950s.


In the 70s the Nijboer family (Alie and Roelf) renamed the ship (Alroe) and used it as a cargo ship on inland waterways.


After a long renovation, Mirjam and JP brought the ship completely under sail again in 2001 and brought the ship in top condition and kept it under the name “Iselmar”.

With a good eye for space, style and sustainability, they have taken up this job and they have successfully succeeded in building a comfortable, spacious but certainly beautiful ship.

Now it is up to me as a proud owner to continue this work and to sail and look after the ship with pleasure.